Searching for level up in Finland
Marius Aasen and Veronica Engan are back in their DMACK Fiesta R5 and are set for another great WRC2 round – now in Finland. They have found the speed they are comfortable with and want to rejoin the top result.

Aasen and Engan have forgot the defeat from Poland in the beginning of July, and are pleased with a rebuild and almost new car for this WRC2 round in Finland. Their Ford Fiesta R5 was damaged in their heavy off, and their mechanics at M-sport have done a fantastic job – and fixed the car on short time.

The duo hasn’t been doing any rally since Poland, and their first proper time will be on the shakedown. Therefore, they have to build up their confidence again - so they can “fly in Finland”. As the action takes place over huge jumps and blind crests – with incredible speed. The plan is to continue with the speed they had in Poland and rejoin the top and set some good stage times.

It’s no room for making mistakes at any of Finland’s 24 stages, and the crews have to be settle for everything. Here you find wide, smooth roads with a hard base and suddenly next stage is technical with soft surfaces. The common is the jumps and the blind crests.

Marius Aasen said:
“I really enjoy the roads in Finland and every time I have driven it before – I’ve said to myself “this jumps will be fantastic to drive with an 4WD rally car”. Now, here we are with this great opportunity from last year’s DDFT win, in our almost new Fiesta R5. Our mechanics have worked hard, and we owe big thanks for making the car ready again. This is our fifth round in the WRC2 and the fourth time for me in Finland. We will use some of our pace notes for 2015, and hopefully that will give us some benefit. I think we will need some stages to get back into the good rhythm and then we can have some fun in the rally car again.”



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