Set for Poland
Tonight, Marius Aasen and Veronica Engan are set for their fourth WRC 2 round for the season. Familiar with the event from last last years win in the DDFT, they are ready for four days with high speed action.

Rally Poland is once again based in Mikołajki, with Rally HQ, service and the super special stage close to each other. This years event has 21 stages, and a lot of does are new - with some parts of last years stages.

This is the third time Aasen competes in Rally Poland and for the first time with the Fiesta R5. In 2015, this was the first event Aasen and Engan won in the Drive DMACK Fiesta Throphy - so they have good memories from the past.

Tonight, the rally starts with a super special stage, before they are set for the real stages tomorrow morning. Then it´s a four-stage loop which will be driven with another super special stage in the evening. On Saturday they will drive six stages with just a remote tyre fitting zone. Once again, the day will end with the super special stage. The rally ends at Sunday with a two-stage loop - with Power Stage in the end.

Marius Aasen said:
"I really enjoy the fast roads here in Poland and it feels like home in Norway some places. The roads has a lot of high speed, but also a bit tricky in places, and that´s more like my driving style. I have just good memories from the past here, but it will be a huge difference with the speed compare to last years event with the R2. I´m more confident with the car now, so we will try to push a bit more. But it is also important for us to make it to the finish. So we will see what the days will bring. I´m more than ready and happy for every minute I get to drive the R5."



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